Green World Blueberry Juice

Blueberry Juice In Pakistan

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Brief :

It provides you a delicious and convenient beverage that improves your immunity, alleviates eyestrain, nourishes your skin and delays aging.


6g/bag, 30 bags/box

Key Knowledge:

Rich in blueberry anthocyanins extracted with low temperature and hyperosmosis technology, integrated with American cherry powder and plant dietary fiber, Green World Blueberry Juice is formulated to supplement your daily vitamins and fiber intake. It is made into an instant solid powder for maximum convenience and optimum nutrient reservation.


Blueberry Juice is prepared through special type of wild herb, Which Leaves and fruits are very neutral. The primary part of the liquid berry is the importance of antioxidants. Green World Blueberry Tea is most useful for eye protection and prevention of cancer. Green World Blueberry Tea is very good option to stop growing effects and makes the skin beautiful. You know that blueberries are good for you. But did you know that blueberries could help fight aging, combat disease, and lower blood pressure, protect the heart and brain and even boost your memory
Blackberry Extract
Blackberry is a forest herbal whose leaves are full of amino acids and vitamins. Its fruits are happy colors, happy flavor, and fragrant. BlackBerry strength is beneficial for improving immune system. It prevent from cancer and growth liver function. Blackberry also helps to growth cells as well as brain cells. Raspberry There are many plantative acids and it is a delicious taste. Raspberry used to improve deficit and reducing the effects of aging .Green World Raspberry is useful for extravagant substances. Green World Raspberry has great anti-microbial effects.


 Beautifies skin
 Make the skin attractive
 Protect Cancer
 Rescue your eyes.
 prevention to cancer
 Decrease the aging effects.
 Enhance memory with enhancing mental activities.


Blueberry Leaves,
 Blueberry Fruits,
 Blackberry Fruits
 , Blackberry Leaves,
 Raspberry Fruits
 Green Tea

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