Green World Calcium Tablets (Children)

Calcium Tablet (for Children)

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Brief :

It strengthens growth of the bones and teeth and helps build up bone density.


1000 mg x 30 tablets

Key Knowledge:

Adolescence is an important period of nutritional vulnerability due to increased dietary requirements for growth and development and special dietary habits. Sufficient calcium intake is important to help adolescent achieve optimum peak bone mass and to prevent osteoporosis in the late adult age. Green World Calcium Tablets (for children) is chewable and each table provides 225 mg of elemental calcium.

Green World Calcium Tablets for Children

Green World Calcium Tablets (for children) is chewable and each table provides 225 mg of elemental calcium.Calium Tablet Prevents rickets in children. It helps build up strong skeleton and teeth of children. If your children have difficulty eating enough foods rich in calcium, you can consider a calcium supplement.
RDA Of Calcium intake
Recommend Dietary allowance (RDA) is designated as av-erage daily level of intake sufficient to meet the nutrient re-quirements of nearly all (97%-98%) healthy individuals. They are listed in the following table in milligrams (mg) per day.

Suitable For

 Those who cannot take calcium daily in the diet
 People who lack calcium
 The mothers that are pregnant or breastfeed
 Women These menopause have done
 Such elders who are taking less calcium

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