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Brief :

It improves intelligence, enhances memory, prevents senile dementia, nourishes skin and enhances beauty.


1200 mg x 100 capsules

Key Knowledge:

Lecithin is the basic material for life, the more lecithin content in body, the stronger the metabolism, immunity, renewable ability, the healthier the body and the longer the longevity. It is the most valuable nutrient found in the last 50 years, which is called “the patron saint of cells”. Made from natural soy lecithin, Green World Lecithin Capsule contains over 60% lecithin, which is beneficial to brain and intelligence as well as liver.

Lecithin softgel in Pakistan:

Lecithin softgel is the basic and important element of life, the more lecithin content in body, the stronger the metabolism, immunity, renewable ability and the body health. Master Lester in the biomedicine field considers that Lecithin softgel capsule are the most valuable nutrient found in the last 50 years, which is called, "the patron saint of cells".Lecithin softgel capsule prepared with high precious ingredients like natural soybean lethicine and vitamin E,. Lecithin softgel capsule is a nerve transmitter, higher the amount of lecithin, the quicker and stronger is the transportation and memory respectively. Lecithin has a special effect on Intelligence Creation and Strong Memory. Lecithin is An essential constituent for healthy cell membranes which strengthens the nerve system and nourishes the brain and helps to Lowers blood lipid through transforming LDL to HDL and also helps to Protect liver and enhance liver functions Lecithin softgel capsule are the best capsule for your health.

Real Functions of Lecithin Softgel Capsule

A Brain Care Food
After being absorbed by the small intestine, it can hydrolyses gallbladder alkali along with blood entering into the brain, and combine with acetic acid to form acetylcholine, which is called neurotransmitter. The higher the amount of lecithin, the quicker and stronger is the transportation and memory respectively... therefore, lecithin has a special effect on intelligence creation and strong memory. It is recommended “brain care food”. Green world lecithin softgel is good for your health A Cardiovascular Protector Lecithin mimics the function of HDL cholesterol. Lecithin helps cholesterol and fat travel through the bloodstream by keeping it solvent in the blood so it doesn’t attach to the artery wall. This is a vital function for the overall health of anyone with a predisposition to heart disease and other cardiovascular afflictions.
A Liver Enhancer
By accelerating the renewal of the liver cells, it can prevent fatty liver and hepatic cirrhosis, resume the liver function. The emulsification of lecithin can resolve and prevent its aggradations, thus prevents gall stone radically. Lecithin can also: * nourish and sedate nerve system.
* reduce psychic pressure.
* regulate internal secretion.
* relieve the symptoms of menopause.
* alleviate insomnia

Lecithin Capsule Benefits:

* Nourish and sedate nerve system.
* improve blood serum lipid.
* Reduce the fat in the blood.
* Increase the density of HDL to reduce blood lipid.
* Help to activate brain cells
* improve brain function
* Prevent fatty liver
* Resume the liver function.
* Receive sugar, discharge it from the body.
* Promote the secretion of insulin.

Lecithin Softgel ingredient

Lecithin softgel capsule manufactured with Natural Soybean Lecithin and, Vitamin E. it consist 20mg/softgel.
High Choline Lecithin 1200 mg
Phosphatidyl Choline 420 mg

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