Green World Lipid Care Tea

Lipid Care Tea In Pakistan

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Brief :

It lowers the blood lipid level and helps control body weight.


2 g x 20 sachets

Key Knowledge:

Green World Lipid Care Tea can improve fat metabolism by burning fat to produce energy. It constantly improves stamina, invigorates the body and reduces body weight. This herbal tea effectively prevents diseases caused by lipid metabolic disorders like coronary artery disease, fatty liver, and diabetes.

Green World Lipid Lowering Tea

Green World Lipid Lowering Tea in Pakistan is one of the best tea that diluting and dissolving the lipid substance in blood, helps to purify the blood, increase blood flow and speed, regulate blood circulation and blood pressure, Green World Lipid Lowering Tea is a body vitalizing mix of precious herbs extract which contain Herb Gynostemmoe Pentophylli, Folium Nelumbinis, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Green tea Semen Cassia And Redix Rehmanniae Preparata. We offer a variety of health care supplements for lip-care care, which means to control high blood pressure, cholesterol and triggers.Green World Lipid Lowering Tea comes from herbal plant essence and keeps the natural features of herbal plants. It has sweet taste, pleasant fragrance.
Work Functions Green World Lipid Lowering tea
 It breaks and cleanses cholesterol from blood vessels
 It fights with independent minds and shows the body.
 It stimulates thin and stomach
 promotes healthy and promotes efficient waste consumption;
 It helps to reduce lipid
 ; It reduces fever.
 It helps increase immune system
 and internal energy levels;
 It helps the central nervous system to function properly;
 It helps to overcome alcohol and its effects;
 It has excellent features, simplifying perfection movements; Treatment of stomach ulcers is very effective;
 It helps fight against viral and bacterial infections.

Green World Lipid Lowering Tea Main Benefits

 Adjust blood Lipid
 Promotes the metabolism of lipid and convert to energy
 help lose weight
 Improves blood circulation and keys
 Anti-aging helps
 Maintains metabolism and strengthens immune system;
 Take a warning;
 Relief in recovering fatigue;
 Reduces cholesterol and prevents artiocroclose;
 Detoxifying and beautifying effects.

Green World Lipid Lowering Tea Ingredients

Herbal Gynostermmae Pentaphylly,
Folium Nelumbinis,
Radix Polygonal Multiflori,
Green tea,
Semen Cassio.

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